Remote School Plan

Teacher Planning Steps

  1. Prepare a Take Home Checklist of items students will need to have at home for Remote School.
  2. Create a cell phone/home phone list for each class. You may use the Lakeview Whipple Hill Portal for contact informaiton from our Lakeview Website. Directions for Using the Lakeview Directory.
  3. Create student email distribution lists for grades 6-12.

Upper School & Middle School


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Homework Help
Jing Video Instructions

Remote Teaching Suggestions

Please understand that the following suggestions are ideas to enhance the remote teaching experience. The suggestions will not work for everyone but please think about how you will choose to communicate to students if school is closed.

  • Use Jing or Screencastomatic to create 5 minute instructional videos.
  • Have students record comments on Voicethread for text prompts or slides
  • Add audio narration to PowerPoint and post it to Moodle or your wiki.
  • Use DyKnow to teach students frame by frame (US only)
  • Search YouTube or Teacher Tube for existing videos on topics. Embed them into your wiki.
  • Use to create quiz sites for your students
  • Search for online activities, tutorials, simulations or games that help students gain an understanding of a particular concept.
  • Post an online link to great websites on your wiki, moodle, ning or website.
  • Use our electronic databases for student directed research.
  • Encourage collaboration by creating a class Google Doc word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, etc.
  • Arrange a telephone conference call for your class using
  • Use the discussion boards, blogs, quizzes or journals on Moodle.
  • Create Sophia learning packets using
  • Use online textbook website to access activities and resources.

Online Resources

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MS Remote School Wiki - 2011

Lower School

Take Home Checklist

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