Lakeview Instructions:

Network Login

  • Turn on your computer. Type in your username which is your first name dot your last name and your password.
  • Example: connie.white is my username.

Checking Email

  • Via the Website: Go to http://www.lakeviewacademy.comand click on the Email Access button on the top, right hand side of the page. A login box will appear. Type in your username which is your first name dot your last name and your password. (ex. connie.white is my username)
  • Checking Email from the website

  • Adding your email to your iphone. Go to Settings and click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Click Add Account and then select Exchange email. Our server is and our domain is Lakeview.

Tutorials & More

Using the Lakeview Website


Admin Page

  • Open an internet browser and type in \\lvafs02\admin\index.htm

    To add a shortcut to the Admin Page on your desktop: Right click on your desktop, click New, click Shortcut and type in the link to the admin page \\lvafs02\admin\index.htm then click next. Name your shortcut Admin Page.

Lakeview Google Docs

  • Lakeview Academy has Google Apps Education Edition. The address is Please Note: If you are logged into your personal gmail account you must log out within each browser for this access to work.
  • Keep in mind that if you want to open your personal gmail account on your computer you must use a different browser so that you will not be logged out. You may also choose to use Chrome as your browser and then click on the New Incognito option to log into a different account.

Saving Documents

  • Saving to My Documents
  • Saving to your Network Folder - Click on the My Computer icon to make sure your are logged into our network. It often requires one to log off and then back on to have access to network drives. If you are logged on correctly, you will see the network drives.
  • Saving Word 2007 documents as 2003 documents Change the default.docVideo

Filtering System

  • Sometimes a teacher will lose their ability to access certain content that is allowed. They may be dropped to a lower container of access. If this happens to you please follow the steps below.
  • Open the Start menu and click on "run"
  • Copy and paste the following into the run box and click "ok" J:\CymphonixUpdate\cymdir.exe
  • You may also try logging off and then back on to run the program again.


  • New Printer Setup (Aug. 2008) - Bruce's email instructions
  • Basic Printing - Click on the File or Office button on the top, left hand side of the page. Select Print and if needed use the down arrow to select [[#|a printer]] that is different than your default printer. Video
  • Printing in Color - After clicking the Print button, click the Properties button. Click the down arrow to choose to print in color since the default on [[#|all printers]] is black and white. Video[[#|Color Printers]]: Admin Office C2525, Business Office C2525, Cleveland Computer Lab CLP131, LPA Office C2525, LS Office C2525, MS Office C2525, US Office C2525
  • Adding a Printer Video

Making Copies

  • Entering your code
  • Scanning a document

Telephone Instructions

To add another party to your conversation (conference), press the CNF/TRN button, the caller you were talking to will be placed on hold and you will hear dial tone. Dial either the extension number of the next party or dial the phone number of the person to add. After they pickup, you can press the CFN/TRN button again to include them into the call. If the party you wished to add is not available, just press the blinking line button to get back to your caller. You may have up to 8 people (including yourself) in a conference call, with a maximum of 6 outside callers.

Technical Support

  • Who should I call for help? All of our technology department is eager to help you with questions and issues. The following list may help. Lynn and Melinda are also willing to help but are tied up most of their day teaching students.
  • Bruce ext 101 - network, desktops, and general questions
  • Steve ext 190 - laptops, printers, and projectors
  • Connie ext 111 - gradebook, Senior Systems, needs, software and curriculum integration
  • Susan ext 121 - general issues
  • Marie ext 128 - gradebook, Edline and Senior Systems
  • Lynn ext 102 - instructional software and curriculum integration
  • Dorothy - instructional software and curriculum integration