Igoogle and Netvibes: Summer Institute 2009

Igoogle www.google.com

Show and tell:
Are you a google club member or not? Sign in at the gate.

RSS is your best friend, time saver, tutor, delivery person
1. Decorate first: themes
2. Content Widgets (What's a widget???)
3. Personalized widgets
4. Adding pages based on interests
5. Making igoogle your homepage
6. Having multiple pages

Of interest for techies: igoogle can be your reader as well

Practice adding something to our pages, not from the widget:

We like Seth Godin's book, Tribes, and discover he writes a cool blog, with short, but interesting insights. We want to see what he has to say more regularly.

I stumble on this while surfing Martha Stewarts webpages. Cool. She'll send me a recipe for each day of the week. I can go home and spend two hours making it after teaching and grading papers when I get home!

Netvibes www.netvibes.com

Netvibes and Pageflakes and their ilk. . . what's the point?
1. Private Homepages (not in googledom)
Same rules apply: decoratation, content, widgets pages, homepages, multiple pages)
2. Public Pages (bonus feature)
Classroom use: pros, cons
3. Reader (probably more visually appealing than google reader)

Same sorts of techniques apply from one to the other.

If you like netvibes, check out pageflakes example This is Mr. McCann's pageflakes site. Lovely.