One teacher's attempt to go paperless!

Summer Laptop Institute 2009

Joguldi. Endless grading of term papers. Digital image. Flickr. 30 Apr. 2007. 12 June 2009.

Important Notice: This presentation is about a journey, not a destination.

1. My paperless story begins:

Peer Pressure
Old Dog
Money Talks
Only lastly am I principled

2. Evolutionary process shown: Voice Lessons

For the teacher: Book, handwritten assignment on board, by hand (pros, cons)
For the student: Notebook, handwritten responses (pros, cons)

For the teacher: Elmo (video camera projector, book (pros, cons)
For the student: Notebook, handwritten or wordprocessed response (pros, cons)

For the teacher: projection of text (pros, cons)
For the student: blog, moodle (pros, cons)

3. There is no ONE Way to go paperless. Variety of Tools that work together for YOU and YOUR classroom.

Here are the top five from my experiences this year:

1. Instead of writing comments on paper with a pen:

Digital Inking
Pen and tablet


2. Instead copying texts on the copier and passing out to class:

Gutenberg e-library

Copy text into word, upload to moodle, or link to webpage.

Some things I want to try next year:

Scanning into pdf (I think copyright is limited to 5% of text)
Annotation possibilities: Diigo
Awesome Highlighter

3. Instead of having students print out work and hand in, they upload work to repositories.

I use moodle, network, ugh and email.

Some things I want to try/stuff suggested to me:

Form SpringNicenetdropboxGoogle DocsStudent Center Connect

Sometimes the repository dictates the responses. Example: moodle (check out my ninth grade rubric for dialectic journals).

4. Use Classroom Management Tools to push websites, assignments, calendars etc. to students

I use moodle. There are many others.

If your school isn't using moodle, check out Edmodo,Angel,Blackboard

5. Experiment with new collaborative and quizzing tools.

I've tried Moodle quizzes this year.

Other things I want to try:

My Studiyo

Of course, creative and wonderful teachers are also using wikis (Great Classroom management wiki)
nings (James M's classroom ning), blogs (Baldworm Blog)

Some of my goto resources this year:

Teach Paperless Blog

Ten Technologies for laptop environments
English Companion Ning Conversation on Paperless English Classes
My Twitterverse