Glogster and Voicethread: Summer Institute 2009

I. Glogster Glogster Education link

Glogster in the news!

Student Samples of Glogs:

My Freshman Student on a Great Expectations Character:

A simpler example of a glog of a student-written poem.

A math student's glog on linear equation.

A history student's glog on the American Revolution:

I love the lush quality of this student's glog on Romeo and Juliet:

A science glog on radon:

The roaring 20's, a student project:

Teacher Samples of Glogs:

My first glog on a new book I was using to teach:

A math teacher shows, in a glog, why he likes using glogs:

Educational research project:

Elementary Science. I like how many different things are on this glog.

Elementary School Library:

4th Grade Science Project:

Wonderful Video Tutorial on Glogster

Glogster Tutorials:

how to use Glogster Slide show on how to set up and use glogster. This would be good to embed in a classroom moodle page, wiki, blog, as it's a thorough tutorial without distraction.

Google Doc Tutorial on Glogster

Youtube Glogster Tutorial

II. Voice Thread Voicethread link

VoiceThread Wiki on wikispaces This is a wiki with wonderful examples of all levels and subects. Instead of recreating this wiki, just click on the links. Let's see how teachers are using this in their classes.
Quick Glimpse at some ways teachers are using Voicethread

FYI: Lakeview people. Teachers' login/username is your school email. Teachers' password is lvavoices. Student login/username lakeviewemail. Student pasword is voicethread. This message will self destruct.

Teachers use VT as Presentation/Response Tool:

Middle School Museum:

Teachers use VT as Teaching/Instructional Tool:

Bio teacher and egg Lab:

Art Instructor uses painting and doodling tools:

Teachers use VT as Discussion Technique:

Simple Conversation about a book with elementary students:

Teachers use VT as Assessment/Conferencing Tool:

This is the way I have used VT in my classes.

How to Create a Voicethread

Voicethread Ning