Blended Learning Componenets

6 Blended Learning Models from Innosight
The six models identified in the report included:
  1. The "face-to-face driver" model, in which a teacher in a traditional classroom instructional setting employs online learning for remediation or supplemental instruction;
  2. The "rotation: model, in which students move back and forth between online and classroom instruction;
  3. "Flex," a model in which the curriculum is delivered primarily through an online platform, with teachers providing onsite support;
  4. The "online lab" approach, wherein an online course is delivered in a physical classroom or computer lab;
  5. "Self-blend," a model in which students choose on their own which courses they take online to supplement their schools' offerings; and
  6. The "online driver" model, where the courses are primarily online and physical facilities are used only for extracurricular activities, required check-ins, or similar functions.

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